Grow It To Go! Design Challenge – Steps

BublerBucketHydroSystem-PosterizeStep 1 : Discovery

  • Review the basic “start-up” technology and brain storm how it could be improved?
  • How much can we afford to budget for the unit cost for a single Grow It To Go! plant growth systems?
  • What types of similar systems are already available, and how can the system we design be cheaper and better?
  • Who is our primary target audience for the plant systems—what are their unique needs and interests that the Grow It To Go plant systems can address?

Step 2: Concept Development

  • Categorize the ways that the Start-up Design can be improved.
  • Clarify recommendations from targeted audience and prioritize their most important areas of interest.
  • Identify key features and changes that would have the greatest impact with minimal cost increase and feature changes that could decrease unit costs.
  • Form an advisory group (that includes representatives from the targeted consumer group) to review the concept.

Step 3: Resourcing

  • Create a clear description of each component part, define its function, and cost.
  • Define the dimensions and qualities required for each part.
  • Outline the process for assembling all parts.

Step 4: Develop Task Plans

  • Prepare a materials and supplies list.
  • Describe design and assembly procedures in detail with revised parts & processes included.
  • Develop a glow chart for all major tasks, showing calendar and class schedule times needed
  • Prepare skills matrix to match with task list.
  • Identify time, costs, and skills for all steps.
  • Once the schedule, assembly tasks, skills, and team assignments are finalized, complete all tasks.

Step 5: Assess Outcomes and Make Future Plans

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of the design and assembly plan.
  • Refine and revise designs based on review and feedback from clients.
  • Discuss and review future plans for Grow It To Go! plant systems.

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