Curso Internacional De Hidroponia

Through 19 years of activities, the Mexican Hydroponic Association has successfully trained a large number of growers who have applied their hydroponic training to form small businesses, support their families, and wholesalers who disseminate their hydroponic plant products within Mexico and other countries.

“The Mexican Hydroponic Association was organized in 1999 to promote hydroponics as an efficient and effective way to grow vegetables, fruit, and flowers”, explains C. P. Gloria Samperio Ruiz, president and founder of the association.

On March 15, 16, and 17, the Mexican Hydroponic Association is holding an international course in Toluca, Mexico. More than 60 people have registered for this course and are receiving training in hydroponic systems, substrates, cultivation of tomatoes, forage greens, nutritive solutions, orchid production, pest control, fiscal obligations, green houses, water quality, and marketing.WaterQuality4Hydroponics

A copy of the presentation by Dr. Laurie Ruberg on Water Quality and Hydroponics is provided here. It is available for download in English or in Spanish [See links below].

English version WaterQualityforHydroponics.pptx.compressed

Spanish version




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