Free Online Hydroponics Workshop & Activity Kit

for West Virginia and Iowa Grades 4-8 Teachers

The first 20 teachers who enroll in this online workshop will receive a free activity kit with materials to support a team of 10 students. All teacher registrants will receive access to six hands-on hydroponics lessons that engage students in exploring the following questions.

Materials used in the Growing Food with Hydroponics seed dissection activity.
Illustration of some materials included in hydroponics activity kit

1. How do plant seeds differ in germination rates, structures, and by plant types?

2. What type of plant maintenance is important for each stage of plant growth?

3. How does light intensity and duration affect photosynthesis?

4. When is soilless plant growth a good alternative to soil-based farming?

5. Is your tap water suitable for hydroponic plant production?

6. How can home and school gardeners apply hydroponic technologies to increase crop yield and integrate sustainable agricultural practices?

How can this opportunity benefit teachers?

Using hydroponic systems to teach STEM topics boosts student interest and provides a context for learning chemistry, plant science, math, engineering, and technology systems. The hands-on lessons foster skills and practices that have life-long relevance. Learning STEM topics using hydroponic systems links learning to ancient agricultural techniques as well as futuristic plans for human habitation of the moon and Mars.

Important Dates

Image showing one type of deep water hydroponic system.
Image showing a deep water hydroponic system

The registration for a free online hydroponics workshop that includes access to six hands-on learning activities begins now and closes Jan 31, 2023. The online hydroponics workshop will be held Feb 13, 2023, 1-2 pm with a follow-up live, virtual Q + A on Mar 8, 4-5pm. A progress update virtual forum will be held April 12, 4-5pm, that will include an opportunity for teachers to share feedback on the hands-on activities and kit materials.

What to Expect at the Workshop:

Teachers registered for the online workshop will receive access to the hands-on activities. The first 20 registrants will receive a free kit that includes materials needed to conduct the activities with a group of 10 students. All teachers will receive access to a digital file of the activities, list of materials, description, and supplier contact info.

Register for the Online Hydroponics Workshop at: