Hydroponics for the Master Gardener

Offering hydroponics education workshops and community projects is a great way to support the National Extension Service goals for promoting horticulture and gardening learning and engagement. In the case of hydroponics, the focus is on water-based gardening systems and techniques. Offering  hands-on training programs to school and community groups who are new or inexperienced with hydroponic growing can result in significant educational impact, behavior change, and altering of public valuing of gardening as well as science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills that are needed for successful hydroponic growing practices.

Spinach grown in an Emily’s Garden hydroponic system ready for harvest. Image credit: LF Ruberg

A presentation called, “Hydroponics for the Master Gardener” is made available for download here: Hydroponics-4-MG-LFRuberg_Aug2017. The presentation provides an overview of hydroponics and how it can be used to promote adult and youth home-based hydroponic gardening.

If you have questions about hydroponics or the West Virginia University Master Gardener program, please complete the contact form provided below:

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