Grow It To Go! Design Challenge

Here’s how you can get involved in the Grow It To Go! Design Challenge

SouthFayette.IMG_9299Can you design a plant growth system that can be readily mass-produced as a Grow It To Go! system?

In this Design Challenge, you will begin with a simple model for a hydroponic system that can be easily modified, and create your own simple hydroponic system model that best fits your outreach and business plan.

This site offers five steps to fine tune and assess your design process, and recommendsBublerBucketHydroSystemds several application tools and web resources to support your efforts.

Let’s begin by looking at the Bucket Bubbler Hydroponic System.  It’s got everything you need to start a simple hydroponic system on the most basic level.

For a DIY (do it yourself) guide go to:

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