Planet vs Plastics: Super Heroes Unite

20 April 2024 – On this beautiful, but windy day, PLANTS, LLC was greeted by Spiderman during the annual Wheeling Earth Day celebration. The theme for this year’s event was Planet vs Plastics: Super Heroes Unite! The Earth Day festivities were held on the Wheeling (WV) University campus. As one of 70 exhibitors at this event, PLANTS was excited to show off two of its active projects—the NASA Space Grant Enhanced Plant the Moon Challenge and Smart Hydroponics: How Does AI Technology Enhance Plant Growth and Development?

Below are images of the two projects.

Images of two types of “smart hydroponic system: Auk Starter Kit  and live feed screen of seedlings in Gardyn Home Kit 3.0.

Liveview of seedlings growth in Garden Home Kit 3.0

Images of 8-week plant growth for Girl Scout Troop 10467 – Laughlin Memorial Chapel