Growing Food with Hydroponics – Seed Dissection

Materials used in the Growing Food with Hydroponics seed dissection activity.
Materials used in the Growing Food with Hydroponics – Lesson 1, Activity 1 – Seed Dissection

Let’s get started with the Growing Food with Hydroponics—Seed Dissection activity. The materials you’ll need for this activity are shown in the image shown above.

Let’s begin by exploring what you already know about seeds.

  • What is a seed?

A seed is part of a plant’s reproductive system. Seeds are dispersed away from their source plant to grow into new plants. Seeds are designed to survive for months or even years in their protective covering—waiting for the right conditions before they germinate.

  • What is a seed made of?

Seeds include three basic parts—1)an embryo, 2) a supply of nutrients for the embryo, and 3) a protective seed coat.

  • What makes a seed become active and start to grow a new plant?

When created and dispersed, seeds are dormant. Seeds exposed to water at the right temperature and with access to air will germinate into seedlings. Doing the seed dissection activity, which is attached with this blog post, will help you see the three seed parts in different types of seeds.

Here are the seeds I’m using for my seed dissection. What seeds will you use?

Image of Romaine Lettuce, Solstice F1 Corn, Shelling Peas, Bloody Butcher Dry Corn, and VNS Yellow Field Pea seeds, which have been moistened to soften the outer coat to make seed dissection easier.

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